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Maths Week

We had a great time in the Infant Room during Maths week this year. We did loads of really interesting activities.

Infant Maths week 4 Infant Maths week 3

We solved lots of puzzles and we really enjoyed using all of the wonderful resources our teacher had ready for us.

Infant Maths week 2 Infant Maths week Infant Maths week 5 Infant Maths week 1

We had such fun it didn’t even seem as though we were doing work!! We can’t wait to do some more Maths in our room.

We had great fun growing some beans recently. We set them and watched eagerly as they grew. We couldn’t believe something so small could produce such a big plant!!

BeansWe can wait to take our plants home and show our parents!!

Art Lessons are always a busy and fun filled time in the Infant classroom. We have great fun experimenting with colour and texture through paint and textiles. Here is some Art which we did recently. We are very proud of our work.

Infant Art (640x640)

Junior and Senior Infants have had a very busy start to the year connecting with each other and acquiring new skills. They have been constructing with straws, lego, mobilo and blocks.

Traveler Digital Camera                                          Traveler Digital Camera

Primary colours have been mixed to create mini masterpieces, and their black and white prints of everyday objects show off their potential creativity. They have been sorting, matching and exploring pattern with various resources.

Traveler Digital Camera