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Homework Policy



This policy was reviewed and updaed by the staff of Loughquittane NS, following a review of current practice. The purpose of this policy is to provide practical guidance for teachers and parents.


Why give homework?


How often is homework given?


What is the content of homework?


How much time for homework?

The following are guidelines for time spent at homework.  Different children will complete the same homework in different lengths of time.  Time spent will vary from day to day and also from the beginning to the end of the school year.  It is important to remember that it is the quality and not the quantity of homework that matters.  The following are general guidelines only. If homework is persistently taking longer stop the child and sigh the journal, stating the time spent.


Junior & Senior Infants              10-15 minutes

Ranganna 1 & 2                            30 – 40 minutes

Ranganna 3 & 4                            45 – 50 minutes

Ranganna 5 & 6                           Up to 1 hour

Homework is given from Monday to Thursday.  Normally there is no homework at weekends or on a school day just before a public holiday.  However, children in middle and senior classes may sometimes be required to work independently on projects at weekends.


How much help should parents give?



How often should parents monitor homework?


How often do teachers monitor homework?


When should parents communicate with the teachers about homework?





When should homework be done?



If homework is a stressful experience between parent and child, something is wrong!  This leads to poor learning and defeats the whole purpose.  Should this happen on a regular basis, please contact the class teacher.




This policy was ratified by the Board of Management of Loughquittane N.S. on



Chairperson: Lily Cronin                  Principal: Alison Coffey