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Health Promoting Schools

The Health Promoting Team at Loughquittane N.S. is proud to have maintained our Health Promoting Schools status.  We were once again awarded a certificate, for the last school year, and we are hoping that our efforts this year will culminate in yet another Health Promoting Schools Flag, come June 2016.

Our H.P.S. Committee will endeavour to continue to promote the benefit of making good lifestyle choices, choosing to be active instead of sedentary, choosing to eat healthily, and to drink water.

“Go Noodle” continues to provide us with many very enjoyable lunchtime activities on rainy days, and at present all classes are participating in doing laps of the pitch, in a bid to become even fitter than we already are!

During the last term class teachers encouraged the children to bring in extra fruit and vegetables, so that smoothies could be consumed before or just after break times. Every now and then teachers provided their classes with bonus break time, as a reward for their ongoing effort.  We acknowledge the lengths that parents go to in order to provide the children with healthy nutritious lunches, please continue to do so, it does not go unnoticed, thank you!

An evening for parents was held at school also, to increase awareness of internet safety, this was attended by the staff as well as parents, and proved very informative.  A workshop had been held earlier during the day, and children from 4th class to 6th class benefitted greatly from this.

During the month of June, there was no shortage of visitors to Ms. Kelliher’s room, as the children of Loughquittane enjoyed the rare opportunity of witnessing eggs hatch from an incubator…of the twelve eggs, seven hatched, and I’m assured all chicks went to good homes!

Also we are seeking to ease traffic congestion, at home time, and thanks to O’Callaghans Buses, the bus will now pick the children up at a slightly later time, allowing for increased visibility of children being collected at 2:40.  We are hoping this will be an effective safety measure, and so far it has been an improvement.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms Kelliher if you have any ideas that could make our bid for the next flag a success, thank you for all of your help, support and encouragement to date.

Some of our healthy lunches!!

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