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As parents and educators, we are all very conscious of the importance of our children’s diet and how it impacts on their health, development and well-being. Children spend a significant part of the day in school and therefore it is very important that they eat healthy nutritious lunches.

As a Health Promoting School we place a strong focus on this aspect of school life. This policy also has a strong link with our SPHE programme, and children are aware of making healthy choices in order to achieve a balanced diet. This is much easier to encourage when every child is eating the same kinds of food.

To encourage this we have worked together, as a school, including children, parents and teachers to draw up the policy. The successful implementation of this policy is an important step in promoting a healthy lifestyle for our children. All families and pupils are asked to co-operate with its implementation.

This policy will be reviewed bi-annually.

Healthy Lunch Choices:

* Bread and rolls, especially whole wheat

* Sandwiches

* Pitta bread, naan bread, wraps, bagels

* Crackers

* Pasta and rice

* Cheese and yoghurt

* Nutritious cereals and muesli

* Meat

* Peeled carrot, celery, salads

* Bananas, oranges, apples, kiwi, nectarines, pears, strawberries, etc.

* Drinks- milk, water, fruit juice, yoghurt drinks, soup, smoothies

* Nuts (allowed in classes where no child has been diagnosed with an allergy)

The items listed underneath should not be included in school lunches:

1. Chocolate, bars

2. Biscuits

3. Cakes/Buns (whether home-made or shop bought)

4. Crisps, Pringles, Snax and related products

5. Flavoured Popcorn i.e. toffee, salted, butter

6. Fizzy drinks

7. Chewing gum

8. Sweets & lollipops

9. Processed cheese i.e. cheese strings

10. Sugary yogurts i.e. frubes

11. Cereal bars

Children with special dietary requirements:

Children with special dietary requirements and / or allergies will at all times be facilitated to choose foods to suit their own individual requirements. Parents should discuss this with the class teacher to avoid misunderstanding. Specific classes may ban nuts depending on those with nut allergies.

Preparation of lunches:

It encourages children to eat when the lunch is prepared attractively and in a convenient to eat manner. Involve the children in so far as is practical to help in the preparation of their own lunch. Oranges could be peeled, especially for younger children. Cheese could be grated and mixed with a few grapes or cherry tomatoes. A spoon should be included for eating yoghurts or cereals.

During Lunchtime:

Eating is a social activity. Children are encouraged to sit at their table while enjoying their lunch.


Teachers may, from time to time, distribute treats outside the parameters of this policy as they see fit. Children may also, on special occasions be permitted, by their teacher, to bring treats to school.

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