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Ms. Coffey is the School Principal and teaches Junior and Senior Infants. She works very hard to make sure everyone in the school is happy each day. “She helps people and is very nice to people as well. She helps me. I Like my teacher”.

Ms. Kelliher is the Deputy Principal and is a support teacher. She is also the Health Promoting Schools co-ordinator. “I think Miss Kelliher is a very nice teacher. She is fun but also helps me to learn lots of new things and is really good at Art”.
Random Fact: Many of the children in school have a bigger shoe size than Ms Kelliher!!!

Mr. McKenna is a support teacher and he loves singing!! He is also the Green Schools co-ordinator. “Mr McKenna does baking with us every second Friday. He does an hour of P.E. with us every week. Sometimes he lets us go on the computers and do projects. He grows vegetables with us. Sometimes he gives us homework off. He does an hour and a half of Art with us every Thursday. He takes us swimming every year for 6 weeks”.
Random Fact: Mr. McKenna is a 3rd cousin of the famous Hollywood actor Gregory Peck.

Mr. O’ Donoghue is the 5th and 6th class teacher. He is also the Active Flag co-ordinator. “Mr. O’ Donoghue is a good teacher because he helps us learn. We get our work done but he also has a good sense of humour. He is good at teaching P.E. Sometimes Mr. O’ Donoghue does baking and Science experiments with us. (And he is half decent for a Spa man!)”.
Random Fact: Mr. O’ Donoghue was once a pupil in this school!!

Ms. Fitzgerald is the 3rd and 4th class teacher. We are very lucky to have this brilliant teacher here to help all the children. “Miss Fitzgerald is really pretty and nice. She never says no to people who ask for help. She does nice things and that is why she is such a lovely person. She is a great teacher and a great friend”.
Random Fact: Ms. Fitzgerald has been on 5 of the 7 continents and former Kerry football star Paul Galvin regularly calls to her house for a cup of tea!!

Ms. Arthur teaches 1st and second class. She is also an accomplished sportswoman who is an All Ireland golf champion. “Miss Arthur is a really nice teacher who helps people with their Maths. She is very good at Maths and can help children improve at it. She is very funny and puts up riddles on her door for everyone to think about each day”.
Random Fact: Ms. Arthur is an excellent golfer who plays off of a handicap of 8. (This drops quicker than I can update!!) She also has two all Ireland pitch n’ putt titles!!

Mrs. Moynihan is a Classroom Assistant (SNA) and helps out in Ms. Arthurs classroom.
Mrs. Kennedy is also an SNA and helps out in Ms. Fitzgeralds classroom.                                                                                                                      Mrs Moore and Ms McEnery are also SNA’s and helps out in Ms Coffey’s room.                                                                                                          We are very lucky to have these four very hard workers in our school who always have a smile for everybody!!

Random Fact: Mrs. Moynihan is allergic to Kiwis!!
Random Fact: Mrs. Kennedy can claim Brian Boru’s nephew as one of the first members of the Kennedy Clan!!


Eileen is the school caretaker who always makes sure everything is running smoothly in our school!!

Siobhán is the school secratary who is always there to help us when we need anything. Random Fact: Siobhán can name all 32 counties of Ireland while standing on her head!!