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Izac9 comes to Loughquittane NS

This year in Loughquittane NS, some of the older classes were fortunate to have been afforded the opportunity to engage with the Izac 9 maths resource. Izak9 creates a fun, dynamic and highly interactive shared learning environment where all children can excel in their learning of mathematics.

IMG-20190411-WA0004 IMG-20190411-WA0006 IMG-20190411-WA0007 IMG-20190411-WA0008


All of the classes had great fun using this resource and it was wonderful to see the learning stimulated by its use.

IMG-20190411-WA0009 IMG-20190411-WA0011 IMG-20190411-WA0010 IMG-20190411-WA0020

In fact, it was so much fun we didn’t even realise we were doing work!! We look forward to next year when hopefully we will get a chance to use Izac 9 again.