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Santa Comes to School!!

We had a very special visitor in school today as Santa Claus decided to take time out from his busy schedule and drop in to check are the children of Loughquittane NS being as good as ever in the run up to Christmas.

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The excitement was almost unbearable as each room waited for Santa to come and visit them while the relief at finding out that they were not on the naughty list was of huge comfort to young and old alike!! ??????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ???????????????????????


Santa brought presents of sweets for each room and his decision to give each room homework off tonight went down a treat. Before he left he warned us to make sure to be extra nice for the next few weeks and in the twinkling of an eye he again disappeared. The more eagle eyed detectives among us reckon they saw his reindeer waiting for him in the wood across from the school and this would seem to be the most likely explanation for his magical appearance and disappearance.


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We can’t wait to write our letters to him as he has assured us he will look out for them and the sooner Christmas Eve comes the better!!!